Use the button below to book a session. If you book a 1st session appointment, please provide your phone number and a suitable time slot for me to give you a quick courtesy call prior to the appointment.


I kindly ask you to observe my cancellation policy and consider this before embarking on treatment.

The full session fee is charged if sessions are rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Please see Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Appointment Descriptions

1st Session Hypnotherapy – For new clients only, allow 90 min as this appointment includes a full case history and you will learn various techniques such as self-hypnosis / self-havening / NLP anchor / ratio breathing etc to help yourself at home. A personalised audio recording is also included, where appropriate. £55

Follow-Up Hypnotherapy Session – If you are a returning client, or having a course of several hypnotherapy sessions. Allow 60 min. £40

3 Session Block – Commit to 3 sessions up front for a discounted price of £120 (normally £135). Choose a convenient date / time from the calendar and the follow up sessions will be arranged via email. £120

Simply Havening – Book a session of havening only for £35 for 45 min / £40 for an hour / £50 for 90 min

Magical Metaphors Clinic – for 1-6 parents / guardians. Learn how help a child to help themselves through the power of their imagination! Learn how to construct a “magical metaphor” story to help a child in your life who is struggling with a specific issue. You will also learn a fast and effective way to calm an upset child.

1 person: 60 min £40

2 / 3 people 75 min £25 pp

4 / 5 / 6 people 90 min £20 pp

Personalised Audio Recording – following a 15 minute phone or online consultation I will create a personalised hypnosis / meditation recording to help with a specific issue affecting your life e.g. anxiety / habit / unwanted beliefs. £25

Booster Session – For a targeted motivation-boosting session, e.g. if you are a Witness the Fitness Plan client. See offers. £25

Stop Smoking 1 Month Support Package – To become someone for whom smoking / vaping is a thing of the past.

Support package includes: Phone Consultation, 30min Motivation Booster (if rqd.), 2hr Smoking Cessation appointment, Follow Up Session (optional – focuses on any underlying emotional issues related to the habit, up to 1 month following smoking cessation appointment). £200

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Session – To learn and put into practice EFT for yourself. EFT aids the removal of emotional “blocks” through tapping at various acupressure points. £30

Group Sessions – I offer various sessions which are suitable for groups of friends e.g. motivation for healthy eating / exercise, stress reduction, past life regression, EFT, self-havening, training for a specific event or race, studying & exam revision (16+), goal setting. This list is not exhaustive – please email me if you have a good idea for a group session! £100 for up to 4 people, extra £15 pp to a maximum of 6.

Sessions for children / young adults – I am happy to work with children. Parents / guardians do need to attend appointments with anyone under 16. Please email me directly for more information.

Please note 50p per standard price booking goes towards paying for a “supported” price session. Several supported price sessions will be made available each week. Please get in touch for more information about booking a supported price session.