Magical Metaphors

WHEN: Wednesday 22nd November, 6.30pm – 8.45pm

WHERE: Breathe, 1st floor, Charlotte Terrace Business Centre, South Shields, NE33 1AF

£20 pp

Communicate with your Subconscious Mind

£55 early bird discount if booked by 31st August / £60 otherwise

When: Saturday 16th September, 4-6pm / Saturday 14th October, 4-6pm / Saturday 18th November, 4-6pm

Where: “Breathe” – 1st Floor, Charlotte Terrace Business Centre, South Shields (opposite South Shields Town Hall)

Suitable for: Open to all, 16+

Watch an introductory video here


This series of 3 workshops will cover*

  • the model of the subconscious vs conscious mind
  • how and why the subconscious mind sometimes “hijacks” our conscious plans
  • how marketing and media corporations use this information to subtly change our behaviour (and how to guard against it)
  • examples of scientific studies showing how techniques, such as hypnosis, which are designed to communicate with the subconscious mind can bring about verifiable changes in brain activity
  • different ways to initiate and interpret 2-way communication with your subconscious mind
  • recognising the subtle (and not so subtle!) ways in which the subconscious sends feedback to your conscious mind
  • understanding how to use the “language” of the subconscious to make positive changes in your life

*not an exhaustive list!

This series of workshops is designed to be a practical course, with plenty of time to get to grips with the various techniques and also support offered outside of the workshops in the form of a private online group for those who would like that option.

This course can be *gifted* to someone you care about – just send a message to let me know!

5 week Self-Hypnosis course @ Breathe

£45 early bird discount if booked by 31st March / £50 otherwise

When: Sunday 23rd April – Sunday 21st May, 5.30pm – 6.45pm

Suitable for: Complete beginners as well as attendees of previous Self Hypnosis workshops


We will take a deeper dive into the self-hypnosis toolbox, exploring how to more effectively run our own minds, working with different modalities and with a session focussed on helping the children in our lives to help themselves with a variety of child-friendly techniques.

This course can be *gifted* to someone you care about – just send a message to let me know!

Any queries, please contact me at / facebook message me.

Hypno-Learning Masterclass @ The Northern College of Clinical Hypnosis

Effective utilisation of the state of hypnosis can help to boost mental agility, improve study skills, reduce exam anxiety, upgrade recall and restore confidence to those combatting the effects of ageing or a wide variety of physical or emotional issues. This masterclass incorporates a unique protocol plus a range of scripts and ideas to help your clients to help themselves in their studies, as well as everyday life. Developed by an experienced teacher and hypnotherapist.

Suitable for: certified / trainee hypnotherapists

When: Saturday 21st January 10am – 6pm

Where: NCCH South Shields branch (LIVE) or ONLINE

£200 / £150 for NCCH Student Discount

Watch an introduction here.


£5 pp


From RE-active to PRO-active: 5 quick and easy self-hypnotic techniques to improve your day

Become pro-active, rather than re-active in everyday situations with these quick but ingenious techniques which you can put into practice in your life straight away. From achieving a calm state in seconds, prepping for success to quickly processing and letting go of minor upsets; these techniques are quick to learn but will benefit yourself and those around you for life.


EFT Workshop @ Autumn Equinox Day Retreat by Breathe


EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique which utilises tapping of acupressure points to release negative thoughts and feelings. It can be learned so quickly but stay with you for life.

The workshop is part of the Autumn Equinox Day Retreat, run by Breathe. Book your place here.

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